“In Iran, a Brotherhood of Doctors and Patients”

The New York Times‘ Tina Rosenberg wrote a post about the Alaeis in her Opinionator Blog on June 20. She says:

Few doctors anywhere in the world have done their country a greater service than the Iranian brothers Arash and Kamiar Alaei. Kamiar, who is 37, is currently living in Albany, N.Y., where he is working on a doctorate in public health. Arash, who is 42, is a resident of Tehran’s notorious Evin prison — where until recently, Kamiar lived as well.

PHR’s efforts on the brothers’ behalf are also noted:

Physicians for Human Rights organized prominent AIDS experts in 80 countries to sign petitions, write letters and lobby for them. The brothers did not know about any of this. Arash didn’t even realize that Kamiar had been arrested until several months later, when they went to trial.

Read more at the blog.

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