On Tuesday, July 19th, 2011, PHR and International AIDS Society will convene a press conference in Rome, Italy at 10-10:45 a.m., with recently released physician and AIDS program innovator, Dr. Kamiar Alaei. He will describe his work on the widely acclaimed “triangular clinics” he pioneered with his brother in Iran; discuss his experiences in prison between 2008 and 2011; and make a public appeal for the release of his imprisoned brother, Dr. Arash Alaei.

Dr. Kamiar Alaei is former co-founding director of the first triangular clinic in Iran. In June 2011, he received the Jonathan Mann Award for Health and Human Rights from the Global health Council. He has traveled to Rome to attend the 6th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention from 17-20 July 2011 and advocate for his brother’s release.

Dr. Arash Alaei is the former director of the International Education and Research Cooperation of the Iranian National Research Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease.

The Alaei brothers were arrested in June 2008 and wrongfully convicted in January 2009 on charges of communicating with an enemy government. Their crime? Traveling to international AIDS conferences and liaising with health workers to find solutions to the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Kamiar, sentenced to three years, was quietly released in late 2010 after spending 870 days in prison in Iran. Arash, however, was sentenced to six years in prison and today remains imprisoned in Evin Prison in Tehran after three long years.

Moderating the press conference will be Susannah Sirkin, Deputy Director of Physicians for Human Rights. She has organized human rights investigations and advocated for imprisoned colleagues for more than 25 years at Physicians for Human Rights.

Representatives of the International AIDS Society and the Global Health Council will briefly speak as well.

For media access and credential information, please visit the Media Center page of the IAS Conference website.

For further information contact:

In Boston:
Kelly Bienhoff
PHR Program Associate
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In Rome:
Susannah Sirkin
PHR Deputy Director
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